Pilgrimage Details

Pilgrimage itinerary

June 17: Arrivals & base camp

June 18-20: Backpacking 

June 21-22: Whitewater rafting 

June 23: Departures

What to expect

Scenes from last year's pilgrimage





Costs and gear

How much?

We're only asking a measly $880 total for this life-changing wilderness pilgrimage experience. That seems like a lot, right? But this cost includes all food, all travel to and from the airport, and most of the important gear you'll need to not only survive but thrive outdoors. For only $150 / day, you're provided not only with the practical necessities for outdoor adventure but also the professional expertise of our COR guides and the spiritual care of our Dominican pilgrimage leaders. What a steal... and way more interesting that your typical tourist trap! (Feel free to look at companies like Outward Bound or NOLS for price comparison.)

Plus, scholarships are available. Inquire with us here for details.

What gear is provided?

Have a look at a previous year's gear list and see all the great gear provided by COR Expeditions. We won't provide your underwear, true, but look at all that you can get:

Besides these items, you don't need to worry about tents, tarps, cooking gear, and all the other gear needed to camp outdoors. We've got you covered there also!

In collaboration

We are blessed to partner with COR Expeditions for this trip. COR Expeditions provides certified wilderness guides, backcountry gear, and years of expertise leading transformative outdoor experiences. The safer you are on the pilgrimage, the more fun you can have. With COR Expeditions providing the logistics, you know you're in God's hands.

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